About TransPros.Net

Commitment and Integrity in Language Service

TransPros.net is a Japanese/English linguistics service that is designed to ensure the highest levels of proficiency, accuracy and professionalism in every aspect of modern communications -- from Web-based translation, research and production to telephonic interpretation for business meetings, events, lectures and speeches.

Our guiding principal is to enhance the commonalities of human experience while acknowledging the distinctions that make each language and culture unique. So, whether you require the translation, editing and review of a complex scientific paper, a patent document, a legal abstract, a report on sales and marketing, a stream of correspondence or a certificate from a family register, TransPros.net can provide it. And when you need quick, fluent interpretation between Japanese and English, the experienced linguists at TransPros are ready. Coast to coast, continent to continent, we’ll demonstrate our commitment to quality in bilingual communications.

The Team Leader . . . Yukie Hirose
   Ms. Hirose began her career as a computer service engineer at Data I/O Japan, Co. (a company headquartered in Seattle) during her sophomore year in the French Literature Program at Meiji Gakuin University.The following year she embarked upon a new frontier in the United States as a foreign-exchange student majoring in psychology at Simpson College, in California.There she obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and began pursuing a master’s degree in the graduate program at the same institution.After completing her M.A., Ms. Hirose headed east to the pastoral beauty of Kentucky, where as a student at Asbury Theological Seminary she completed the three-year Master’s of Divinity program in just two school years.Additionally, she gained considerable experience as an intern counselor.A unique background and skill set helped her gain a position as personnel specialist and technical translator at a Japanese automotive manufacturer (Aisin Automotive Casting, Inc.) operating in the area.Encouraged by her success as a communications facilitator, Ms. Hirose established a new career as a full-time freelance translator/interpreter and soon began working with some of the most prestigious multinational firms in the Midwestern region.Her roster of clients grew to the point that it now includes branches and subsidiaries of several Fortune 1000 companies, as well as their service providers.Ms. Hirose and the TransPros service are respected for dedication, professionalism and diligence in the field of intercultural communications.